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RapidSpell Desktop .NET


As-You-Type & Dialog Quick Start Guides

In this tutorial we show you how easy it is to add RapidSpell Desktop .NET to your Win Forms applications...

Autocorrect Customization

Learn how to customize or disable the autocorrect features of RapidSpell Desktop .NET...

How to Edit Dict Files

This tutorial shows you how to use our free Dict Manager tool to edit RapidSpell dictionaries...

Using RapidSpell with 3rd Party Controls

How to add spell checking to 3rd party controls such as Tx Text Control...

User Options

How to work with the user options form and store spell check preferences...

Highlight Positive Keywords

This quick tutorial will show you how to highlight words contained in a separate dictionary....

Many more tutorials can be found in the RapidSpell Desktop .NET Help documentation .

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