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Refund Policy

We encourage all customers to fully evaluate our products before purchase, including inclusion of the evaluation edition of our components in a prototype or proof of concept application. If the full version of our product does not perform as advertised or cannot be successfully implemented in your situation with our help and you made reasonable efforts to fully evaluate our product, we will give you a full refund, provided you contact us with-in 30 days of purchase.

Due to the non-returnable nature of 'download only' software we must protect ourselves from theft; however we do realise that occasionally customers genuinely are not be able to use our software as desired, in such cases we are happy to refund.

If a mistake was made and the wrong product purchased we will switch products with full credit for the original purchase.

Refunds are usually processed within 48hrs. For refunds, please phone us at 250 941 6545 or consult our contact form for other methods of contact.

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