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.NET Thesaurus Control

Thesaurus Desktop .NET


What Sets It Apart

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Open API
Customizable GUI
Flexible control usage
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Thesaurus Desktop .NET is a Windows Forms control providing end users with thesaurus functionality and developers with a highly customizable, yet simple to work-with component. The thesaurus contains over 60,000 terms with synonyms, antonyms and related words.

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Thesaurus dialog window

Dialog and context menu look and feel like popular word processor interfaces

Rich design time support

All components and controls supported in designer. Source code for dialog interface is included.

The API provides a broad surface to program against:

  • Engine class provides methods for synonyms/related words
  • Dialog based User Control can be placed in any container
  • Context Menu menu-items can be easily integrated into existing context menus
  • Model-view-controller oriented architecture provides developers with ability to customize/replace major components

The built-in adapter component for "TX TextControl" provides full compatibility (context menu and dialog). The API also includes interfaces to allow new adapters for 3rd Party controls to be easily written.

The API docs, PDF user-guide and source code examples provide comprehensive coverage of development tasks.

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