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Using RapidSpell with 3rd Party Controls

RapidSpell Desktop .NET


RapidSpell Desktop supports 3rd party text box controls, such as "TX Text Control" by The Imaging Source, EditBox by Janus and DevExpress grids and editors. "Adapter" controls are included for some 3rd party vendors, and KB articles are also provided.

To facilitate functionality with other 3rd party components an interface is defined, ISpellCheckableTextComponent which requires properties to exist or be mapped to, these properties relate to the text in the text control and the user's selection, please see the API docs for more information.

TX Text Control

To use RapidSpell with TX Text Control it is necessary to reference the Keyoti.RapidSpell.NET2.TXSupportv1X.DLL instead of Keyoti.RapidSpell.NET2 .DLL.

For TX Text Control v15.1 and down - please see an in depth article on FULL integration with TX Text Control we have prepared.

For For TX Text Control v16 and up - please see this page

Also, the included Visual Studio demos include TX specific examples.

Other Controls

To use RapidSpell Desktop with an indirectly supported 3rd party control should be a simple process, it is only necessary to extend (inherit from) the 3rd party control class and implement the ISpellCheckableTextComponent interface.

Setup 3rd party controls

For example, if the 3rd party control's class (the class that actually sits on the Windows form) is named "3rdPartyControl", then a new class could be written called "SpellCheckableControl" which would implement the ISpellCheckableTextComponent interface, see diagram above. In code this could be as simple as

Code Example C# 3rd Party Control

	using Keyoti.RapidSpell;
	public class SpellCheckableControl : 3rdPartyControl,ISpellCheckableTextComponent
		public RSTextControl() : base() {}

		any required method implementations

Code Example VB.NET 3rd Party Control

	Imports Keyoti.RapidSpell
	Public Class SpellCheckableControl
		Inherits 3rdPartyControl
		Implements ISpellCheckableTextComponent

	Public Sub New()
		End Sub

		any required method implementations

	End Class

In the above example the actual method implementations were left out because they are specific to the 3rd party control being used, in fact if the 3rd party control extends TextBoxBase or shares the same interface as TextBoxBase there is no need to implement any methods.

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