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Enable remote access to the Visual Studio web development server


Conveyor allows you to easily test web applications from external tablets and phones on your network.

Step 1:

Download the Visual Studio Extension by searching for 'Conveyor' in the Tools->Extensions and Updates dialog (or here).

Step 2:

Conveyor is automatically enabled for web application projects, run a project and note the Remote URL, that is the URL you will use from your device or other computer. Please see troubleshooting below if you don't see the Conveyor window.

Step 3:

Add an inbound firewall rule allowing access to the TCP port given in the Remote URL.
  1. Open Windows 'Start' and type WF.msc.
  2. Click 'Inbound Rules' on the left.
  3. Click 'New Rules' on the right.
  4. Choose 'Port' in the new dialog, then 'Next'.
  5. Select TCP, and enter the port from the Remote URL next to 'Specific local ports' (probably 45455, if it's free), then 'Next'.
  6. Next, and next (you may want to disable 'Public'), give it a name like 'Conveyor: web dev server access enabled'.

Step 4:

Use the Remote URL from your device (phone, tablet or other machine) to directly access your application.


  • If the Conveyor window doesn't appear, please restart Visual Studio and try running the project again (if it still won't work, resetting your VS settings should fix it Tools->Import and Export Settings Wizard->Reset all settings->select “No, just reset settings, overwriting my current settings”->Choose a Default Collection of settings).
  • SSL: The first time you run a project using HTTPS you will be prompted to install our testing certificate, this is normal and you should allow it for more stream-lined experience (otherwise you'll be warned by the browser not to visit your web app).
  • If connections to the remote URL provided by Conveyor do not work (eg timeout), please try using a different IP address for your machine (use CMD and type ipconfig to see IP addresses), also ensure you have opened the port on your local firewall.
  • If Conveyor cannot find any web projects (when you run the project), please send a screen shot of your solution structure to support@keyoti.com so we can investigate.

Technical support is available by emailing support@keyoti.com.

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