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Add spell checking to .NET Windows Forms applications

RapidSpell Desktop .NET


The most mature .NET Win Forms
spell checker

RapidSpell Desktop .NET for WinForms was first released in 2003, it has been refined by thousands of real world customer experiences to produce the current version. As you type, user options, dialog mode, auto correct - it's all there, and stable!
RapidSpell Desktop .NET As-You-Type
Dialog Spell Checking with RapidSpell Desktop .NET

No compromises, fit it into your app, with your style

Customizable UI and behavior - our open API lets you quickly add spell checking the way you want it.

Whether developing applications in C# or VB.NET, full code examples and demo projects are provided in both languages.

Quality dictionaries

Our best, in-house sculpted dictionaries are a cut above the rest who often use open source dictionaries. Four English language variants and 17 extra dictionaries including medical and legal. All dictionaries are customizable.
Multilingual Spell Checking

Never say never

We can't turn customers away, so we support everything: DLLs built against all .NET versions, ClickOnce, String checking etc. Let us know what you want.

Play ball with a variety of other Controls

Other .NET Win Forms vendors have spell checkers yet their customers come to us, and RapidSpell works with those controls ( "TX Text Control", DevExpress "XtraGrid" & "MemoExEdit" and Janus' "GridEX" & "EditBox") in addition to the standard TextBox, RichTextBox, DataGrid and DataGridView.


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