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Find & Replace for WPF Applications

RapidFindReplace WPF


Easily add a text find & replace control to your WPF applications.

RapidFindReplace WPF allows developers to quickly add a powerful find & replace dialog tool to WPF apps. Enhance user experience with the ability to locate & replace text strings within textboxes, documents and dozens of controls. RapidFindReplace also features advanced user options such as Wildcards, Regular Expressions, Case Sensitivity, Whole Word and many more.

RapidFindReplace is open source with commercial licenses available. Please download our fully functional evaluation and see how easy it is to add find & replace to your WPF applications.

RapidFindReplace WPF Controls
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RapidFindReplace is a fully featured WPF find and replace dialog control.
  • 'Find only' or 'find and replace' mode
  • Templated
  • Support for wide range of WPF controls, eg;
    • TextBox
    • RichTextBox
    • ComboBox
    • DataGrid
    • Label
    • ListBox
    • ListView
    • TreeView
    • FlowDocumentPageViewer
    • FlowDocumentScrollViewer
    • Button (disabled by default)
    • IContentHost Controls
    • Non visual collection of Run objects (ie. strings)
    • Controls using any of these as child controls (eg. UserControl, Window etc)
  • Multiple user options similar to those in Office software
    • Find as user types (inline highlighting)
    • Case matching
    • Whole words only
    • Wildcards
    • Regular expressions
    • Prefix/suffix only matching
    • Ignore whitespace
    • Ignore punctuation

The controls are templated and may be visually edited in Blend. The API is open and supports customization and alternative usages, such as find/replace on Strings or custom containers.

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Free Evaluation Download


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