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Implementing Faceted Search in a Web Application


Faceted Search

What is Faceted Search?

Classifying, sorting and filtering of search results helps users drill down into your application's data. Faceted search is implemented by specifying filterable and sortable dimensions (such as product brand, price, document dates, authorship, subject taxonomy etc).

Implementation with SearchUnit

SearchUnit enables faceted search through its CustomData fields and related dynamic filters and sorting controls.

Indexed documents and pages can have additional meta data fields assigned to them, either through meta tagging or SearchUnit's plug-in interface. This structured data can then be used with facet filters to provide user driven focus to results.

The search results page can be adorned with multiple types of prebuilt filter and sorting controls - such as integer ranges, date ranges, string matches, string exclusions, drop down lists etc (please see the SearchUnit help for more detail).

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