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How can I use RapidSpellAsYouType with DevExpress' MemoEdit or MemoExEdit? (C#, VB.NET)


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The following is for RapidSpell Desktop .NET v3.7 up and DevExpress 6.x up.

To use RapidSpellAsYouType with MemoEdit or MemoExEdit it's necessary to add the RapidSpell_DevExpressAdapter_Glue class (attached at the bottom and also in the demos) to your project.  Then the AYTMemoEdit or AYTMemoExEdit replacement controls can be used as substitutes that support as you type spell checking.  These classes are simple sub-classes of the DevExpress controls that add the required code for spell checking.

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The trial/full download for RapidSpell Desktop .NET includes current C# and VB.NET demo Visual Studio projects for DevExpress controls.

Step by step instructions for MemoExEdit / MemoEdit

VB.NET NOTE: Due to the way the Glue class was converted, your project must have a default namespace = "".  If you wish to use a default namespace, please change the way the Glue class resolves class names.

(In the following the AYTMemoExEdit class is referred to - if you are using MemoEdit, just substitute the word AYTMemoEdit for AYTMemoExEdit)

1. Add the RapidSpell_DevExpressAdapter_Glue class and references to Keyoti.RapidSpell.dll and Keyoti.RapidSpellMDict.dll to your project.

2. You need to use the Keyoti.RapidSpell.ThirdParty.DevExpress6.Glue.AYTMemoExEdit control in your form.  There are a few ways you can do this, perhaps the simplest is to drop a regular MemoExEdit control onto the form, and then open the designer code.  In the designer generated code just switch the type of the MemoExEdit to Keyoti.RapidSpell.ThirdParty.DevExpress6.Glue.AYTMemoExEdit (do this where the control is instantiated and declared).  Save the file and the designer will act as if you'd dropped this control on in the first place.

Alternatively you could compile the AYTMemoExEdit control into a DLL and add it to your Toolbox.

[The following is only necessary for AYTMemoEdit]

3. The AYTMemoEdit control will have it's own default ContextMenu unless one is provided, so add an empty ContextMenu to the form and assign it to AYTMemoEdit.Properties.ContextMenu.

4. Add a Form.Load event handler that will call a method in the AYTMemoEdit class.


private void MemoExEditForm_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)


memoEdit2.OnLoad(sender, e);



    Private Sub MemoExEditForm_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
        Me.MemoEdit1.OnLoad(sender, e)
    End Sub


You may have noticed that RapidSpellAsYouType as NOT been added to the form directly.  This is due to the way that the MemoExEdit control creates the popup editor.  If you wish to modify the properties of the RapidSpellAsYouType, please edit the glue class.

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