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Implementing Search in an Intranet Based Web Application


Intranet Search

Federated search sources

SearchUnit indexes data from a multitude of sources, such as: crawlable web applications and web sites (internal and external), fileservers, databases, custom data providers (DLLs) and also supports data being pushed in programmatically. All data sources are searchable as a whole or separately using SearchUnit's Location categorization.

No internet required

Since SearchUnit runs on your hardware and requires no broader internet access, you can run it behind your firewall.

Piggyback on your application or run standalone

Our lightweight, high performance technology can happily run integrated with your .NET application, or stand-alone with Javascript, WCF or ASMX Web Service interfaces.

Index data on private fileservers

SearchUnit runs behind your firewall, so it can index whatever you can access, either through http, https, or file protocols (including \\ UNC shares).

Secure document access

Easily limit results to areas that each user is permitted to access using our Security Group ACLs.

No external calls necessary

SearchUnit never hits servers unless explicitly instructed to by you, this means it can run happily behind firewalls, never needing to phone home for license checks etc.

No additional hardware required

SearchUnit runs on any Windows hardware, it can be installed on a dedicated box or sit alongside your .NET web application. It can even perform indexing from non web server machines and automatically update the web application index copy.

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