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GetMatchingDocumentIDs Method (dataAccess, cumulativeWeights, searchOptions, objDocOc)
API DocumentationKeyoti.SearchEngine.SearchWildcardWordElementGetMatchingDocumentIDs(SearcherIO, IntHashtable, SearchOptions, Hashtable)
Keyoti Search for ASP.NET 2010
Gets all document IDs matching this element.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public override IntList GetMatchingDocumentIDs(
	SearcherIO dataAccess,
	IntHashtable cumulativeWeights,
	SearchOptions searchOptions,
	Hashtable objDocOc
Public Overrides Function GetMatchingDocumentIDs ( _
	dataAccess As SearcherIO, _
	cumulativeWeights As IntHashtable, _
	searchOptions As SearchOptions, _
	objDocOc As Hashtable _
) As IntList
virtual IntList^ GetMatchingDocumentIDs(
	SearcherIO^ dataAccess, 
	IntHashtable^ cumulativeWeights, 
	SearchOptions^ searchOptions, 
	Hashtable^ objDocOc
) override
dataAccess (SearcherIO)
The data-access layer with the index.
cumulativeWeights (IntHashtable)
Hashtable passed to this method containing table of weights for occurrences (key=docID, value=word's weight in that doc).
searchOptions (SearchOptions)
Search options.
objDocOc (Hashtable)
Table of documents and their occurrence maps, this method adds the OccurrenceMap for this element to the table. key = this element, value = OccurrenceMap
Return Value
ArrayList of int document IDs

Assembly: Keyoti2.SearchEngine.Core (Module: Keyoti2.SearchEngine.Core) Version: 2010.4.1.609