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ParserProvider Class
API DocumentationKeyoti.SearchEngine.DocumentsParserProvider
Keyoti Search for ASP.NET 2010
Provides a parser for different document types.
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public class ParserProvider
Public Class ParserProvider
public ref class ParserProvider
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Creates an instance of the ParserProvider class.

Gets the instance of the Configuration class that holds the settings to be used.

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Gets a new parser object for the specified mimeType.

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GetParser is used to return a Parser subclass for the specified mimeType. The mimeType is initially identified for a document based on the Response.ContentType returned from the server or from Configuration.fileTypesSettings for documents read using the file-system. Subclassing this class is necessary when adding new document parsers to the build system.
Suppose a new parser is written for your organizations XML files - called XMLDocumentParser. Of course this parser must now be used for these files, to do this ParserProvider is subclassed - called CustomParserProvider. To make the Document class use the new CustomParserProvider one way would be to subclass DocumentIndex and override CreateNewDocument method to return a new Document object with a preset ParserProvider property. This causes CustomParserProvider to be instantiated and passed to each Document object as it is indexed. In CustomParserProvider the GetParser is overridden to return the XMLDocumentParser for the XML mime type.
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Assembly: Keyoti2.SearchEngine.Core (Module: Keyoti2.SearchEngine.Core) Version: 2010.4.1.609